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Research Publications

Multigenerational transmission of obesity: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Obesity Reviews (2021) DOI: 1111/obr.13405 Edmund W. Kanmiki, Yaqoot Fatima & Abdullah Mamun.

Supporting the Utilization of Community-Based Primary Health Care Implementation Research in Ghana. Health Policy and Planning (2022) John Koku Awoonor-Williams, James F Phillips, Mathias Aboba, Lalitha Vadrevu, Esther Azasi, Janet Awopole Yepakeh Tiah, Margaret L Schmitt, MPH, Sneha Patel, Mallory C Sheff, S Patrick Kachur.

Contraceptive use among migrant adolescent girl head porters in Southern Ghana: policy implications for sexual and reproductive health education and promotion. Children and Youth Services Review Kennedy A. Alatinga, Leander A. Allou, Edmund W. Kanmiki (2020).  read more

 Trends and risk factors associated with stillbirths: A case study of the Navrongo War Memorial Hospital in Northern Ghana.  PLoS ONE: Engelbert A. Nonterah,  Isaiah A. Agorinya, Edmund W. Kanmiki, Juliana Kagura, Mariatu Tamimu, Emmanuel Y. Ayamba, Esmond W. Nonterah, Michael B. Kaburise, Majeedallahi Al-Hassan, Winfred Ofosu, Abraham R. Oduro, John K. Awonoor-Williamsl read more

Does expanding community-based primary health care coverage also address unmet need for family planning and improve program impact? Findings from a plausibility trial in northern Ghana. Journal of Global Health Science, 2 (1) Patrick O. Asuming, Ayaga A. Bawah, Edmund W. Kanmiki, and Phillips, James F. (2020).

Unawareness of health insurance coverage status among reproductive-aged women in Ghana: implications for achieving universal health coverage. Journal of Population, Health and Nutrition Edmund W. Kanmiki*, Ayaga A. Bawah, James Akazili, Isaiah Agorinyah, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, James F. Phillips & Kassem M. Kassak (2019) 

Out-of-pocket payment for primary healthcare in the era of national health insurance: Evidence from northern Ghana PLoS ONE 14(8): e0221146. Edmund Wedam Kanmiki*, Ayaga A. Bawah, James F. Phillips, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, S. Patrick Kachur, Patrick O. Asuming, Caesar Agula, James Akazili (2019)

Contraceptive use intentions and unmet need for family planning among reproductive-aged women in the Upper East Region of Ghana BMC Reproductive Health (2019) 16:26 Ayaga A. Bawah*, Patrick Asuming, Sebastian F. Achana, Edmund W. Kanmiki, John Koku Awoonor-Williams & James F. Phillips (2019).

Socio-economic and demographic disparities in ownership and utilization of insecticide treated bed-net for preventing malaria among reproductive-aged women in northern Ghana: PLoS ONE 14(1): e0211365. Edmund Wedam Kanmiki*, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, James F. Phillips, Stephen Patrick Kachur, Sabastian F. Achana, James Akazili, Ayaga A. Bawah (2019).

An assessment of a performance-based management agreement initiative in Ghana’s health service BMC Health Services Research 2018 18:995 Edmund Wedam Kanmiki*, Ben Owusu Smith Bempah, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Ayaga A. Bawah, Selassi Amah d’Almeida & Kassem M. Kassak  (2018).

The role of community-based health services in influencing postnatal care visits in the Builsa and the West Mamprusi districts in rural Ghana BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth Evelyn Sakeah, Raymond Aborigo, James Kotuah Sakeah, Maxwell Dalaba, Ernest Kanyomse, Daniel Azongo, Dominic Anaseba, Samuel Oladokun & Abraham Rexford Oduro (2018)

Moving towards universal health coverage: an assessment of unawareness of health insurance coverage status among reproductive-age women in rural northern Ghana. The Lancet Global Health, Edmund W. Kanmiki*, Ayaga A. Bawah, James Akazili, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Kassem Kassak (2018):

Assessing the catastrophic effects of out-of-pocket healthcare payments prior to the uptake of a nationwide health insurance scheme in Ghana. Global Health Action, 10:1, 1289735, DOI: 10.1080/16549716.2017.1289735. James Akazili, Diane McIntyre, Edmund W. Kanmiki, John Gyapong, Osman Sankoh, Abraham Oduro & Di McIntyre (2017)

Factors influencing willingness to participate in new drug studies: a study among parents whose children were recruited into these trials in northern Ghana, BMC Research Notes. 2016; 9: 139 James Akazili, Samuel Chatio, Fabian S. Achana, Abraham R. Oduro, Edmund W. Kanmiki, Frank Baiden

The Economic Burden of Meningitis to Households in Kassena-Nankana District of Northern Ghana. PLoS ONE 8(11): e79880. Patricia Akweongo , Maxwell A. Dalaba, Mary H. Hayden, Timothy Awine, Gertrude N. Nyaaba, Dominic Anaseba, Abraham Hodgson, Abdulai A. Forgor, Rajul Pandya (2013)

Contraception before and after induced abortion: Trajectories of women in selected urban-poor settlements of Accra, Ghana. African Journal of Reproductive Health (2021) 25(6):20-31 DOI: 29063/ajrh2021/v25i6.3 Caesar Agula, Elizabeth G. Henry, Patrick O. Asuming, Charles Agyei-Asabere, Mawuli Kushitor, Edmund W. Kanmiki, Iqbal Shah, Ayaga A. Bawah

Challenges and facilitators to the provision of sexual, reproductive health and rights services in Ghana. Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters. James Akazili, Edmund Wedam Kanmiki, Dominic Anaseba, Veloshnee Govender, Georges Danhoundo & Augustina Koduah (2020).  read more

Exploring Conscientious Objection to Abortion Among Health Providers in Ghana International Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. Vol. 46 (2020), pp. 51-59 John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Peter Baffoe, Mathias Aboba, Philip Ayivor, Harry Nartey, Beth Felker, Dick Van der Tak and Adriana A. E. Biney (2020)

Understanding fragility: implications for global health research and practice. Health Policy and Planning, Volume 35, Issue 2, March 2020, Pages 235–243, Karin Diaconu, Jennifer Falconer, Nicole Vidal, Fiona O’May, Esther Azasi, Kelly Elimian, Ibrahim Bou-Orm, Cristina Sarb, Sophie Witter, Alastair Ager (2020)

The child survival impact of the Ghana Essential Health Interventions Program: A health systems strengthening plausibility trial in Northern Ghana. PLoS ONE 14(6): e0218025. Ayaga A. Bawah*, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Patrick O. Asuming, Elizabeth F. Jackson,  Christopher B. Boyer,  Edmund W. Kanmiki, Sebastian F. Achana, James Akazili, James F. Phillips (2019).

Cost of implementing a community-based health care strengthening program: the case of the Ghana Essential Health Intervention Program in northern Ghana. PLoS ONE 14(2): e0211956. PLoS ONE 14(2): Edmund Wedam Kanmiki*, James Akazili, Ayaga A. Bawah, James F. Phillips, John Koku Awoonor-Williams, Patrick O. Asuming, Abraham R. Oduro, Moses Aikins (2019).

Prevalence and adverse obstetric outcomes of female genital mutilation among women in rural Northern Ghana. European Journal of Public Health, ckz195, Engelbert A. Nonterah, Edmund W. Kanmiki, Isaiah A. Agorinya, Evelyn Sakeah, Mariatu Tamimu, Juliana Kagura, Michael B Kaburise, Emmanuel Y Ayamba, Esmond W Nonterah, Denis A Awuni, Majeedallahi Al-Hassan, Winfred Ofosu , John K Awoonor-Williams, Abraham R Oduro (2019)

Does the provision of community health services offset the effects of poverty and low maternal educational attainment on childhood mortality? An analysis of the equity effect of the Navrongo experiment in Northern Ghana SSM – Population Health 7 (2019) 100335 Ayaga A. Bawah, James F. Phillips, Patrick O. Asuming, Elizabeth F. Jackson, Paul Walaga, Edmund W. Kanmiki, Mallory C. Sheff, Abraham Oduro (2019).

Socio-demographic determinants of low birth weight: Evidence from the Kassena-Nankana districts of the Upper East Region of Ghana. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0206207. Isaiah Awintuen Agorinya, Edmund Wedam Kanmiki, Nonterah EA, Tediosi F, Akazili J, Paul Welaga, Daniel Azongo, Abraham Rexford Oduro (2018)

Informal workers’ access to health care services: Findings from a qualitative study in Northern Ghana. BMC International Health and Human Rights James Akazili; Samuel Chatio; John Ele-Ojo Ataguba; Isaiah Agorinya; Edmund Wedam Kanmiki; Osman Sankoh; Abraham Oduro (2018).

Assessing the impoverishing effects of out-of-pocket healthcare payments prior to the uptake of national health insurance in Ghana. BMC International Health and Human Rights (2017) 17:13 James Akazili, John Ataguba, Edmund W. Kanmiki, John Gyapong, Osman Sankoh, Abraham Oduro & Di McIntyre (2017)

Evaluation of different models of access to misoprostol at the communitylevel to improve maternal health outcomes in Ethiopia, Ghana, and Nigeria. International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 133 (2016) 261–265 Elisa Wellsa,⁎, Francine Coeytaux, Esther Azasi, Sada Danmusad, Takele Geressue, Tarra McNally, Jennifer Pottsf, Ejiro Otive-Igbuzorg, SenaitTibebu (2016)

Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices Related to Meningitis in Northern Ghana. J. Trop. Med. Hyg.,89(2), 2013, pp. 265–270 Mary H. Hayden, Maxwell Dalaba, Timothy Awine, Patricia Akweongo, Gertrude Nyaaba, Dominic Anaseba, Jamie Pelzman, Abraham Hodgson, Rajul Pandya (2013)

 Socio-economic and demographic determinants of under-five mortality in rural northern Ghana, BMC Int Health Hum Rights. 2014, 14:24 Edmund W. Kanmiki*, Ayaga A. Bawah, Isaiah Agorinya, Fabian S AchanaJohn Koku Awoonor-WilliamsAbraham R OduroJames F PhillipsJames Akazili (2014)

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