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How we work

Partnership and Engagement:

ASOLI works in partnership with state and non-state institutions to identify and formulate innovative strategies for addressing pertinent challenges confronting people living in poor and predominantly rural deprived communities. As a problem solving oriented organization, we engage extensively with various stakeholders at national, sub-national and community levels to improve the effective implementation of our innovations and sustainability of programs beyond project lifespan.    


We identify and create awareness of key challenges facing communities and marginalized populations and provide strategies including alternative approaches for addressing those challenges encored on research that we conduct. Bearing in mind the unique context of SSA, we priorities low-cost and sustainable interventions for addressing challenges.

Implementation Research:

ASOLI conducts problem-solving policy-relevant implementation research and evaluations to help address key challenges affecting populations and state-based organizations. This is done through partnership with relevant stakeholders.

Training and Capacity Building:

Capacity building is at the core of ASOLI strategies of contributing to improving lives. ASOLI supports the training and capacity development both in the formal and informal sectors for essential skills acquisition in its areas of operations.


We disseminate our work through publications in a variety of ways targeting different stakeholder and population groups. 

    • Policy Briefs: we use policy briefs to target policy makers and implementing agencies. Mainly proposing alternative solutions for addressing important national and global challenges
    • Peer-review publications: Our Research work is disseminated for the benefit and use by the scholarly community through peer-review academic publications in top tier journals


    • Traditional and Social media outlets: We used both mainstream and social media including newspapers, Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn to disseminate and promote our work as well as for advocacy purposes.             

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