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Daniel Akachisiba Akansake, BSC, MSC Fellow

Mr. Daniel A Akansake has over ten years’ research experience in crop improvement and production. He has a high interest in conducting field experiments and testing innovations in various aspects of Agriculture. He previously worked with the International Potato Center (CIP) for eight years (2012-2020) and contributed to poverty reduction, nutrition improvement, and wealth creation in Sub-Saharan Africa through potato and sweet potato breeding. Daniel’s supportive work in sweet potato breeding in Sub-Saharan Africa enabled three Scientists from CIP to win the prestigious World food prize in 2016. He also successfully evaluated sweet potato genotypes and collaborated with the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research to release several nutritious and high yielding sweet potato varieties with approval from the Ghana National Variety Release and Registration Committee. He has co-authored several research articles in the area of sweet potato breeding and production.

Daniel currently works as an agronomist with an irrigation company in the Upper East Region of Ghana. He monitors crop productions in two irrigation schemes, identifies farmers agronomic needs, and implements adaptive trials in collaboration with other partners to improve soil health in irrigation schemes in the Upper East region of Ghana.

Daniel had all his tertiary education (BSc. Agriculture, MSc. Applied Statistics) from the University for Development Studies (UDS), Ghana. He is currently a PhD candidate sponsored by the West Africa Center for Water, Irrigation, and Sustainable Agriculture hosted by UDS, Ghana. As part of his PhD studies, he is working to increase onion production in Ghana using different irrigation strategies and thermal modelling. He recently presented a review paper during the 3 rd international conference on Irrigation and Agricultural Development (IRAD 2022).

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